Unicleanse 5L Disinfection Fluid

Unicleanse 5L Disinfection Fluid

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Unicleanse 5L Disinfection Fluid

Replace your conventional cleaning agents,

with ONE BROAD SPECTRUM DISINFECTANT for surfaces, devices and food preparation areas.

Use for disinfection in healthcare (OC2), veterinary and farming (OC3) and food industry (OC4) for daily tasks, and all types of surfaces & equipment all throughout the day. This includes sensitive equipment.

  • Fixed panel equipment and other types of non-rinse / washable equipment. i.e. Control panels.
  • Is sufficiently effective – tested according to EN-norms
  • Stethoscopes / Thermometers, flow metres etc.
  • Furniture and surfaces, which can be degraded with alcohol based products.
  • Farms, stables, Picnic benches & play equipment.
  • On animals - By showering or a warm fog.
  • Food preparation surfaces.
  • Cutting tables or conveyor belts.
  • Walls, floors or other hard surfaces.
  • Use with a pressurised pump or fogging system to disinfect play equipment, pub benches, or beer garden tables.
  • 5 litre container - Plenty to fill smaller pumps or sprays.

Ready To Use - Fluid for disinfection, Approved according to EN Standards, for disinfection in healthcare, Veterinary, food industry and retail.

Use on water tolerant hard surfaces and non-invasive equipment. Pour fluid on clean and dry surfaces. Close lid. 

Active Agents

  • Lactic Acid (CAS no.50-21-5): 0.36 w/w%
  • Tartaric (CAS no. 87-69-4): 0.616 w/w%
  • Peppermint Oil (CAS nr. 8006-90-4): 0.099 w/w%
  • Lavender Oil (CAS nr. 8000-28-0): 0.099 w/w%

No Hazard Warnings. Can be used without gloves.

Also Suitable for: Vaporised Application, Thermal Fogging, Cold Fogging

Made in Great Britain.